Data Breaches Signify Significance Of Vulnerability Assessments, Santosh Devaraj Of Secure Logic Says

santosh devaraj secure logicThe results may be eye-opening, but that’s the point. When retaining a cyber security management company, you’re looking for the weaknesses in your computer network that could be exploited by those with the drive and technical know-how to do so. Santosh Devaraj, a proven expert in the field of managed security systems, knows what tests to run and possible weaknesses to look for when working with your company. For those wondering if Santosh Devaraj of Secure Logic can help you plug up any possible network shortcomings, we’ll be exploring vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.


Overall, this process that should be carried out on critical business systems will address vulnerabilities that could eventually become a serious security threat. Through information gathering, vulnerability detection and information analysis, your company’s computer framework will be thoroughly tested. The possible outcome of not conducting this work from Santosh Devaraj of Secure Logic is a data breach. One look at the headlines regarding such an event clearly shows that this will throw any company entrusted with sensitive or personal information head-first into a major headache. According to news reports as recent as March 21, 2018, Orbitz recently revealed that hackers made off with payment card information from nearly 900,000 users. Orbitz, which falls under the umbrella of travel booking giant Expedia, said in a statement that “there has been no evidence of access to other types of personal information, including passport and travel itinerary information.”


Also on the travel front, Hyatt Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group both said recently that they experienced similar data breaches. Even social media giant Facebook has come under fire as of late for the pilfering of 50 million profiles by an app developer; that information was later shared with a data-mining company. While it’s impossible to know if or when your network will ever be tested, Santosh Devaraj says this is always a case of better safe than sorry. What’s more, if Facebook can miss signs of suspicious behavior then your company might want to take another look at its own vulnerabilities.


How can you be sure that Santosh Devaraj of Secure Logic is going to be able to thoroughly test your networks to ensure an impenetrable system? The fact that he has served as chief architect and security consultant for federal and state government security projects is a good indicator. With international experience in cyber threat research, IT security governance and work as a risk advisor, Mr. Devaraj similarly knows what to look for when loopholes and weak points are under the microscope.

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